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About us

Mr Waterproofing is a division Mbongeni Batlokwa Holdings which is a level 2 BBBEE contributor
with 51% black ownership and 26% black woman ownership.

Mr Waterproofing aims to solve all water leakage and damp problems.
Achieving long-lasting waterproofing performance is a question of starting from a well-executed design, using quality products, and entrusting the job to installers who can be relied upon.
Mr Waterproofing specializes in the application of new waterproofing as well as maintenance on existing waterproofing. Different products solve different problems and sometimes it is not even necessary to apply waterproofing. Our aim is to resolve all waterproofing and damp problems applying quality waterproofing products or proven techniques.


We provide the following services:
● Complete waterproofing solutions
● Water diversions
● Waterproofing of bathrooms and showers
● Waterproofing of corrugated, IBR and tiled roofs
● Waterproofing of concrete slabs
● Damp problems
● Rising damp
● Maintenance on existing waterproofing

We also provide the following services:
Roof Repairs
Painting of roofs
Installation of Insulation


We comply with the following:
* VAT registered
* BBBEE level 2
* Workman's Compensation - Letter of Good Standing
* Health & Safety compliant
* Public Liability Insurance
* Contractors All Risk Insurance
* CIDB level 1
* All staff has medical certificates

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Main Office
Mbongeni Batlokwa Holdings
294 Price Street, Waltloo
Pretoria, 0184

Telno: 082 330 4205
Fax: 086 565 2804